The easiest way to create beautiful, personalized greeting cards on your iPad.

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Paper + Pixels — The Ultimate Greeting Card

Paper you will love to touch. Photos, videos,
and stories that will last a lifetime.

A crafted card combines the feel of high quality paper and the flexibility of pixels on the screen to provide the most memorable greeting card ever.

Built by you.

Choose your colors. Choose your layout.

Customize your card to reflect your style. Send paper. Send pixels. Share your memories with the ones you love.

Memories in minutes


Pick your card

Browse through our collections of custom designs and choose the one that best suits you. Flip a card over with a quick swipe and be sure to check out the various color and layout options.


Craft your story

Add photos from your iPad or Facebook and customize the text to speak from your heart. Then, enhance the experience for your friends and family with photos, video and words on your own personalized webpage.


Share your memories

On the back of every crafted card is a unique URL created just for you. Share it with the world, or just that special someone, and cherish your site for years to come.

Our boutique shapes are cut to perfection for no added charge.
Our eggshell paper is perfect for every occasion from birthdays to the holidays.
Our kraft envelopes stand out from the crowd when they arrive in your loved ones mailbox.
Our printing process ensures that your designs will look their best.

Quality you can feel

With eggshell paper that begs to be touched combined with the sophistication of a kraft envelope, everyone will be keeping your card this year.

Boutique Shapes

Form marries function as shapes are used to compliment design.

Eggshell Paper

Soft and versatile, with a light texture — our paper is simply the best.

Kraft Envelopes

Cards with this much style deserve envelopes with this much taste.

Professional Printing

Printed to the highest standards with the utmost care.

Receive them when you need them

Quick and affordable shipping options, combined with our speedy turn-around time, means you'll have your cards before you know it.